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Glasgow Boiler Service

A functional boiler is essential in any home. This is why it’s so important to have your equipment serviced. A routine boiler service in Glasgow can identify potential faults before they emerge. And give you the opportunity to rectify them, without any loss of service.

What Does a Boiler Service Involve?

When your boiler service is carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. It involves a comprehensive assessment of the boiler unit. As well as the testing of pipework, pressure checking, heat checking. And CO2 alarm checking.
In addition to this, we’ll carry out flue gas analysis. And ensure that the inside of your boiler is clean and free from debris as part of our full boiler service. With attention to detail, we’ll assess your boiler by the manufacturer’s instructions. And determine whether it’s working safely and effectively.

Enhanced Performance and Increase Energy Efficiency

A Glasgow boiler service doesn’t just identify faults and potential issues (although this is certainly helpful!). When you have your boiler serviced, it will help to keep it in good working order. And increases its performance. As a result, routine servicing can increase the energy efficiency of your home. And reduce your fuel consumption. In turn, this can cut the cost of your utility bills and save you money.
What’s more – when your boiler is working, it can increase its lifespan. Which means your boiler should last for much longer. When potential faults are identified early and rectified. It negates the need for repairs or replacements. This ensures you can get the most out of your boiler and increase the return on your investment.
Glasgow Boiler Service

Increase Home Safety with Glasgow Boiler Services

Increase Home Safety with Glasgow Boiler Services
A boiler is an essential part of your home. But without regular servicing, it can also be a dangerous feature. In order to produce heating and hot water, boilers burn fuel. As part of this process, carbon monoxide (CO2) is naturally created. When your boiler is working, this harmful CO2 gas is directed out of your home via the flue.
However, if the boiler isn’t burning fuel correctly or if the flue is damaged or blocked. This can cause CO2 to escape into your property, which poses a serious health risk. While all homes should have CO2 alarms fitted, an outdated alarm could fail to alert you to any danger. A CO2 leak could mean that your home is uninhabitable until the issue is rectified.
A regular boiler servicing can prevent this from happening. When your boiler, flue and associated pipework are serviced and safety tested. You’ll have peace of mind that it’s functioning and safe to use.

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